Mission Statement

"To grow our business by fostering long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our people and our customers."


- Gardewine Group Inc has an integrated network of over 40 terminals in our LTL system throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec
- Flexibility, cost efficiency and high quality direct service between provinces and between individual centers enabled through our hub and spoke system.


"The products we ship to our member Veterinarians are both temperature and time sensitive.  The ability of Gardewine to provide heated service, consistent on-time delivery and the Online System makes them our preferred carrier for overnight shipments to points in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North Western Ontario. more..."

Richard Koster, CEO
Midwest Veterinary Purchasing


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Welcome to Gardewine North. Gardewine Group Inc. is a diversified, multi-disciplined transportation company. Our General Freight Division (Gardewine North), is responsible for the handling and transportation of freight for clients throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. Through the Perishable Division we ensure that all perishable commodities, including food stuffs, receive the care and attention that is necessary to maintain product integrity and meet all of the food safety requirements during the transportation process. While our focus is on servicing regional LTL markets, Gardewine North offers unparalleled transportation service for any volume of freight, from small parcel sized shipments all the way to full truckloads. more...
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